Flower Delivery

Same Day Delivery Service

Order before 3PM PST Monday - Saturday
Sundays We Are Closed

Delivery Charges

Most cities located in Central and North Orange County will have a $9.99 delivery charged applied to each order delivered. South County delivery including cities located along the coast and most cities located near the foot hills will have a $19.99 delivery charged applied to each order delivered. We have adjusted our delivery fees because of uses of Toll Roads in the South Orange County areas and the amount of time it takes to access beach cities and foothills.

Delivery Charges For Holidays

Valentines Day And Mothers Day deliveries usually require us to contract with additional drivers to handle the larger number of orders. Our delivery fees for both Holiday increase to $14.99 however our South County deliveries will still be $19.99.

Outside of Orange County Deliveries

For orders that are outside of our own delivery area we charge a delivery fee of $19.99. This amount is sent to the local florist in the area that the flowers are to be delivered by as well as the cost of the flower arrangement. Avante Gardens by Everyday Flowers does not charge a service fee or handling fee for these orders. This service is handled through the Teleflora Network that utilizes a network of local florist across the United States as well as Canada. During the current Pandemic this service is not available through our website and we recommend that you call us at our store to arrange the delivery or we will provide you with a local florist contact information in the Zip Code delivery area.