Sending Flowers Out of Town

Need to send flowers out of Orange County? At Avante Gardens, we offer you two choices:

Place your order with us and we'll arrange for a professional local florist to deliver your floral gift. Order online for delivery to destinations in the US or Canada. A delivery charge of $19.99 which is passed on to the delivering florist. Since inventories and prices vary greatly from shop to shop, substitution of flowers and containers shown on our site are quite likely when delivered by other florists. Their and our jobs are to capture the spirit and style of the design you've selected to convey your special wishes.  We network with the best in the biz to assure quality, full-value flowers are delivered across North America.  

Use this customized Local Florists and Flower Shops Google Search to call or order online direct from the local florist who will deliver your flowers. If you want to know exactly what's going to be delivered in a distant location, we recommend you speak directly with the shop that will deliver your special gift.

Just enter the term 'florist' (without the quotes), city and state or province, or the zip/postal code and you'll get customized results from both the main search and Google Local. (Both are good resources to find real local flower shops.)  You can further refine your search by flower type or occasion, or check out reviews of local florists by other consumers.

For best results, enter the terms 'florist' or 'flower shop' at the beginning of the query. Be very cautious if selecting a florist listed in the advertiser area (the top or right side red boxes). Look for a physical address and local phone number on each site to assure you are purchasing from a real local florist. Otherwise, up to 45% of your dollars won't reach the local delivering flower shop.

We'd love to have your feedback on this customized search.  Please let us know if we are missing a valued resource or if you see spam creep into the results.

At Avante Gardens, we believe the best florists are real local florists. For more advice and tips about florists visit