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Research shows the importance of receiving flowers as an integral part of the bereavement process.

"Flowers play an important role in helping the bereaved deal with their grief. The respondents in the nationwide study answered the questions regarding many of the rituals associated with death and funerals and how effective they were as an aid in working through grief. Family and friends were by far the most helped for the bereaved. Eighty-three percent of the respondents said family and friends helped a great deal with their grief. However, receiving sympathy flowers ranked 2nd when compared to receiving sympathy cards, food, and memorial donations"

Sending a fresh flower arrangement or plant to comfort someone who has experienced a loss is a gesture that can help with the healing process. Many people choose to send funeral flowers to the service yet as customs change, sending flowers to the home where family members can experience the beauty and comfort in a private setting has gained importance and popularity.

What color flowers should I choose to send as an Expression of Sympathy to the home?

We recommend you select colors that would appeal to the recipients. Some people prefer colorful designs to celebrate the life of a loved one while others choose quiet, contemplative colors like white, cream and green to express a more peaceful sentiment. Personalizing your choice makes the flowers more meaningful to both you and the family.

Which types of sympathy flowers last longest in a residence?

Designs featuring orchids, tropical flowers, multi-bloom flowers like lilies and alstroemeria have long vase lives and can display their beauty for well more than a week.

What types of plants are most popular to send to a home and why?

At our Anaheim flower shop, we find Spathiphyllums, also known as Peace Lilies, to be beautiful and appropriate to express your love and prayers. It is one of the few green plants which produces larger flowers indoors and its easy care make it a long-lasting gift. We offer spathiphyllum plants in three sizes and can accessorize them with branches, cut flowers and other bloomiung plants.

Blooming plants such as orchids, azaleas and bromeliades provide color and can be maintained flowering in the home for weeks or months.

As with all our green and blooming plants, we provide care instructions with each delivery so your gift can be a long-lasting comfort to the recipient.

When is it appropriate to send funeral sympathy flowers to a home?

Truly, any time during the days and weeks following a loss it is appropriate to have flowers delivered. If you know the funeral service is being held out of town, waiting until the family returns home will allow them to experience your comfort gift for a longer period of time. Some people also choose to wait a week or so after the service as the initial expressions of concern have passed and your thoughts remind them how much friends and family continue to care.

Are fruit and gourmet gift baskets appropriate sympathy gifts?

Yes. Sending food items can also comfort the family during this difficult time. We suggest choosing a selection of small or bite-size items and having them delivered in the days prior to the funeral service.

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