The Value of Shopping with a Local Florist

Want to Save $8.00 - $15.50 on Flowers Today?
Here’s How

The smart money at the Wall Street Journal recommends shoppers buy from a florist who will actually deliver their flowers

How can I tell if I’m ordering from a local florist in the community to which I want my flowers delivered?

Unfortunately, the web and the yellow pages are full of companies posing as local florists. They uses phrases such as ‘serving your city name’ or ‘servicing your city name.’ In some cases, they have your city name on their website or ad but are actually located hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Legitimate local sites will include their physical addresses as well as local phone numbers. On the web, check out their ‘About Us’ sections.

Hint: If a site or ad doesn’t contain a local address and local phone number, you can be 99.9% sure it’s not located in the city to which you’re sending your flowers.

How much can I save?

The vast majority of ‘flower broker’ web sites charge your from $9.95 to $14.95 for the convenience of transferring your order to a real local flower shop. Some even tack on an additional surcharge if you want to place your order over the phone! (Not us. We’re happy to talk to you and give you free professional advice!) Ordering a fresh flower arrangement from us or your local full-service florist will typically save you from $8.00 to $15.50 for the very same flowers.

How to spot the ‘free delivery’ ruse.

Many order brokers show a pricing system quite different from your local flower shop. Their prices shown generally bundle the cost of the item with a ‘pad’ of $5.00 – $7.50 for delivery by the local flower shop.  An additional fee of $9.95 to $14.95, a ‘service/handling/shipping fee’, is also charged for the convenience of placing the order through them. It’s not a delivery fee. The local delivering florist, per wire service rules, is absolutely permitted to deduct their local delivery fee from the total order. In reality, unless a company is delivering the flowers themselves, they cannot claim free delivery – it’s just simply included in the total price. Deceptive? Yes. Illegal? Maybe. Savvy shoppers also often notice that the ‘free delivery’ sites actually cost more than the ones that clearly state their delivery prices.

Need something special?

Your local florist knows what’s in season, knows what’s available and can suggest ideas that can be custom-made, affordably, on short notice. We are not just ‘banks of sales associates’ sitting in front of computer screens. We are real, professionally trained florists.

Hey, doesn’t your shop send flowers to other cities, states and countries, too?

Over the years we have seen a decline in available flower shops when using our network of florists. We are more then happy to look up a local shop in the area that you need to send flowers to and can provide their contact information so you can place your order directly. We want to give our customers full value when sending orders outside of our delivery area. However, we understand that sometimes it is easier to let us take care of these orders. We ask that you keep your request limited to the occasion and understand that a recommended amount for a flower arrangement will be between $50 to $75 minimum, plus a $20 delivery fee that will need to be sent to the florist located in the area.

Supporting Local Florists helps ensure you a near-by quality, artistic, thoughtful resource for all your flower needs.

Please email us at with any questions or comments about finding a professional full-service florist near you.