Rose Comparisons

Rose Comparison

Not sure which roses send the right impression?  Use this guide to help you determine which size is just right.

The challenge with presenting pictures of rose arrangements on the web (or any other flower arrangements for that matter) is that it's difficult to convey size since each design thumbnail appears nearly the same. This comparison guide shows relative size and height difference between Avante Gardens Florist rose arrangement selections so you can choose the one best suited for your gift.

We offer 5 versions of one dozen roses - in a variety of colors:

  • Wow Roses!  featuring premium large-headed roses in a stunning and impressive display
  • Premium Rosesfeaturing impressive stems in a chic pilsner vase
  • Roses Gone Wild! accessorized with artful curly willow
  • One Dozen Longstem Roses designed in a contemporary glass cylinder vase
  • One Dozen Medium Stem Roses designed in a festive red vase

Of course, we also offer roses in half dozens, two dozens, three dozens and contemporary styles. Visit our Roses category for a complete selection.

The chart below gives measurements for standard stem lengths:


Often described as Length in centimeters Length in inches Bud size*
Sweetheart or Petite Roses 30-40 cm 11.75-15.75 Buds are generally 1/2 inch diameter and approx. 1 inch high
Short Stem Roses sometimes labeled 'medium stem' 40 cm 15.75 inches Buds are generally 1inch in diameter and 1.5 - 2 inches high
Medium Stem Roses 50 cm 19.75 inches Buds are generally 1 inch in diameter and 1.5 - 2 inches high
Longstem or Long Stem Roses

60 cm

23.5 inches Buds are generally 1.5 inches in diameter and 2 - 2.5 inches high
Premium Longstem or Longstem Roses 70 - 80 cm 27.5 inches and up Buds are generally 2 inches in diameter and 2.5 - 3 inches high

* Bud sizes and flower heights will vary between varieties and colors. We recommend you contact us direct for specific details about specific availablities.